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Our EAR-TO-EAR smile Guarantee!

Our ear-to-ear smile Guarantee!

          Promises, sch-romises. Everyone will tell you they are perfect, everyone says their the best. And EVERYONE knows they are not!

        BUT we are aware that we are human, We are aware that situations occur and we just have to run with it.

        Our promise is simple, we do the job right the first time, we give you an upfront total cost of the job (done right) with no hidden fee's after the job is complete. We promise to respect you, your home AND your family, and treat you like we would our own flesh and blood. If an issue arrises with a project we complete, we come back out at no additional cost to fix anything that may have been our mishap. If in anyway we do not repair the project as quoted or we are unable to rectify a situation that doesnt leave you with a smile, we will give you a full refund! 

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